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Nidus Prime, the most awaited Prime of 2021

The developers of Warframe Digital Extremes have announced their 2 new Warframes in Tennocon held on 17th July 2021. Digital Extremes made many fantastic announcements for Warframe, Most notably the full reveal of the most awaited cinematic story of The New War story expansion coming later this year. Moreover, the most exciting announcement was the unveiling of the next two Warframes coming later this year to the game are Nidus Prime and Caliban (A half Warframe and half sentient). Digital Extremes releases prime variants of Warframes which are upgraded and the most powerful versions usually get released at least twice a year. The New War is the first expansion of the next generation of Warframe and will bring with it loads of graphical improvements, cross-save, and full crossover. This also includes the upcoming mobile version of Warframe, which was also revealed at TennoCon 2021.

Now, this year the next prime Warframe that will be released is Nidus Prime. It will be a tougher variant of the parasitic Nidus. While Nidus Prime doesn’t have an exact release date yet, The Frame will arrive as part of the next Prime Access later this year.

Nidus Prime
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What Digital Extremes says about the new Prime

Digital Extremes describes Nidus Prime as “Orokin’s original vision of the undead Nidus” and will contain “premium weapons, customizations, and more.” That’s pretty much all that the developer has revealed about Nidus so far, though since Nidus is the only Warframe that innately regenerates health, the Prime version should be a tough customer.

Requirements for Nidus Prime

Nidus Prime Designs
Nidus Prime Designs

The Manufacturing requirements are :

25,000 Credits, Neuroptics, Chassis, Systems, 1 orokin cell, Blueprints 35,000 credits. The market price of Nidus Prime will be 375 Platinums.

Now for the Neuroptics, you spend 15.000 credits, 150 alloy plates, 150 polymer bundle, and 500 rubedo. The chassis requirements are again 15,000 credits, 1 morphic, 1000 ferrite, and of course 300 rubedo. At last, the system requires 15,000 credits, 1 control module, 1 morphic, 500 salvages, 500 plastids.

As we can see, Nidus Prime looks very different from regular Nidus. It probably has something to do with Orokin’s superior design that could better encapsulate the injury while Tenno’s designs allowed for overgrowth. But we’ll have to wait for more details as this Warframe approaches its release date.

Nidus Prime void relics

Well, the developers haven’t revealed the relics for Nidus Prime parts yet. But we will come to know the exact relics when the Nidus Prime will be officially released. Even though some players say that all four void relics [Lith, Meso, Leo, Axi] will be for the Nidus Prime parts. The best location for doing missions for Nidus Prime parts is in Lua, apollo disruption mission, Corpus fraction, and the level 35 to 40 is recommended. You have to last till the Rotation C for Axi drops. But if you failed to defend even one conduit, you can get Neo relic instead of Axi.

Every round you have to do all four conduits. You have to repeat this four times, exit the level then repeat again. This is how you can do C Rotation. Now for lith drops, u can try either of three locations Hepith, Teshub, Taranis, all three locations are located in the void. The Taranis which is the defense mission is the most efficient of the three. You can also try out the elite sanctuary onslaught (ESO).

Nidus Prime Access

Digital Extremes also gave their fans a first look at the next Warframe expansion, The New War. They gave 30 minutes of demo gameplay giving players a taste of what’s yet to come. But one of the most attention-grabbing announcements was the Nidus Prime Warframe. we all love nidus, as players are eagerly waiting for the prime variant to come. We already have Nidus as a Warframe stacking in the game and it’s the first of its kind. Mutation packs are a unique resource for Nidus which is indicated by the on-screen mutation and scaling counter. He can add or subtract stacks depending on the abilities he uses. This character is going to become an unkillable monster in the game, now that he is getting a prime version. Here’s an image that shows how Nidus Prime will evolve into different stages of stacks:

Release Date of the Upcoming Prime

Nidus Prime was revealed during the in-game relay event and will arrive in the next Prime Access this Summer. However, Caliban is the new Warframe and will arrive with The New War story expansion later this year most probably during the holiday season.

The classic nidus is already tanky enough to solo run almost every mission throughout the origin system with the prime variant you can expect a little bit more buff to that. The added visuals that change along with Nidus’ stacking ability are mesmerizing. As the upcoming prime frame, lots of new cosmetics will be dropping along with the frame in Prime access a paid feature by Digital Extremes which costs about $60. For more news related to Warframe stay tuned to Teknofillia.

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