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Genshin Impact: Free 5-Star Character Here’s How to Claim

Genshin impact just received its massive update dubbed as Genshin Impact 2.0. Along with it, we received a new region, enemies, quests, lore, characters, and much more. But Mihoyo is not done with it not yet they have been teasing some of the characters for the upcoming updates 2.1 and 2.2. The update can be expected in September when it finishes its 1 year anniversary. Some of the characters teased include the Raiden Shogun, Kujou Sara, Sangonomiya Kokomi. But things don’t end there there is also a free 5-star character coming with a possibly 5-star weapon for every player. But to give away such a huge benefit to free-to-play players there must be a catch right. Well, You are not guessing wrong there is a small catch. To know what is the catch and How to claim the free stuff in the next update Read below.

The New Genshin 5-Star

The new 5-star is none other than from the badass female lead heroine from Horizon Zero Dawn ‘ALOY’. Yes, you hear that right the young Nora seeker is coming to Teyvat to explore the wilderness of Genshin with you. This will be a crossover collab between PlayStation and MiHoYo. Earlier today in a tweet MiHoYo revealed this awesome crossover. This will be the first time players in Genshin are getting a crossover character but it is a free 5-star on top of that. Getting a 5-star character has always been a rough ride for players who are entirely free-to-play and don’t spend much. This event is like a blessing to all those players. Not only the character there will also be an exclusive bow for Aloy. The banner for Aloy is referred to as ‘Savior From Another World’.

The New Weapon in Genshin

The new 4-star weapon is an exclusive weapon of Aloy claimable during the limited-time crossover event. While the Bow is not entirely exclusive to PlayStation only players will have to first claim it on PlayStation and later can be accessed from other platforms. But the attack buff Strong Strike is exclusive to PlayStation users only means players on other platforms can use the bow but won’t be able to enjoy the full capability of the weapon. The weapon increases one’s ATK percentage which is quite nice since we somewhat know that Aloy will have Charged Cryo attacks like Ganyu. The passive ability of the Predator bow increases the Attack DMG by 10% stacking up to twice means 20% attack buff. Also when alloy uses it the bow will get a flat attack increase by 66 which is a nice perk for Aloy.

Availability and How to Claim

The crossover event will be a timed PlayStation exclusive event. Right after the update, 2.1 till the arrival of update 22 players on PlayStation 4 and 5 will be able to claim Aloy for free. They just have to login into the game any player who has AR (Adventure Rank) 20 will be able to claim her automatically without any issues. Update 2.1 will land on all platforms on 1st September. Hence the claim period will be from 1st September – October 13. With update 2.0 cross-save is live and players can connect their MiHoYo accounts with PlayStation. With this players will be able to claim the character primarily on PlayStation and later with the cross-save they will be able to get the same on their PC and Mobile accounts.

Aloy Genshin Impact
Genshin New 5-Star Character Aloy

This is a timed limited event players on PlayStation will have till version 2.2 arrives after that they won’t be able to claim her. Similarly, PC players will have to claim her till update 2.3 lasts.

About Aloy and Changes in Genshin

Aloy is the main protagonist of the successful Horizon Zero Dawn series. She is a Young Nora warrior with the title of a seeker who explores the wilderness and the ruins of the ancient ones to bring peace to her land and explore her past. Horizon Zero Dawn is available on Playstation and PC.

The Aloy players getting on Genshin will be a Cryo Bow user. The only other cryo bow right now in the game is the half-Adeptus Ganyu. Ganyu is one of the highest damage dealers in the game. If we are getting a new character in anywhere near as close as Ganyu then this will be a blessing for everyone. Regarding her abilities, nothing has been disclosed by MiHoYo. But since she is teased to have abilities focused on combos and charged attacks there is hope she might be similar to Ganyu but the amount of damage she can deal we can only know about that after the character goes live in the next update.

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