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Genshin Impact: Cross-Save How to link PSN and MiHoYo Accounts

Since its launch last year in September 2020; Genshin Impact has been blowing up for all good reasons. A beautiful open-world fantasy game with an incredible storyline and enigmatic areas available for exploration. But one thing Genshin Impact couldn’t offer since its launch was the ability to cross-save compatibility with consoles and PC / Mobile devices. Now with version 2.0, it’s been changed, and here’s how you can activate it.

How to enable cross-save in Genshin Impact

There are two ways in which you can enable cross-saving. It all depends on which one you need; transferring your save from PlayStation to PC / Mobile OR PC / Mobile to PlayStation.

MiHoYo is very specific with the details for linking accounts. The first thing you need to know is that you cannot link existing accounts that have already been used across different platforms.

This means that existing Genshin Impact PlayStation accounts can only be linked to an email address that hasn’t yet been used to play Genshin Impact on PC or mobile.

And an email address used for an existing Genshin Impact account on PC or mobile can only be linked to a PlayStation account that hasn’t been used to play the game yet.

It’s an unfortunate catch, but only fresh accounts can be linked to existing accounts. Additionally, Genesis Crystals used for in-game purchases do not get carried over through cross-save.

Genshin Impact : PSN exclusive Wings of Descension
Wings of Descension – Genshin Impact

How to transfer your Genshin Impact save from PlayStation to PC / Mobile

If you want to play Genshin Impact on your PC / Mobile device and want to transfer your existing save from PlayStation do the following.

  1. Launch Genshin Impact on your PS4 or PS5.
  2. Go into Setttings>Account>User Center>Link Account.
  3. Enter an email address that is NOT connected to an existing MiHoYo account.
MiHoYo User Centre Account link register

Complete the required steps, you should then be able to use that Mihoyo account to log in to any platform. The progress made on your PlayStation Genshin Impact account will be used as the starting point through cross-save when playing on the same server.

How to transfer your Genshin Impact save from PC / Mobile to Playstation

These are the steps to be followed to be able to play your save from PC / Mobile on your PlayStation console.

  1. Download Genshin Impact from the PlayStation Store for free from here OR start Genshin Impact from a PSN account that has never played before.
  2. Agree to the ToS (Terms of Service).

3. Enter your MiHoYo account email address in the pop-up window. DO NOT click past this window. This is your only chance to log into your account and link it to your PlayStation before it creates a MiHoYo account for you.

Once you’ve logged in with your email address, your MiHoYo is now linked to your account on PlayStation, and your progress will be shared across both platforms.

Although Cross-save is a much-needed feature; there are some caveats. For example, it’s not supported on different servers; you can only have cross-save on a single server. It’s also not supported for TW, HK, MO servers, as those don’t yet exist for the PSN. For a complete list of all the caveats, read MiHoYo’s FAQ on the topic.

Lastly, if you are linking your PSN account with Mihoyo account for claiming the PlayStation exclusive glider “Wings of Descension” & “Sword of Descension” and you intend to play with those on PC / Mobile unfortunately those are Playstation Network exclusive.

PlayStation Exclusive Content

In the MiHoYo’s FAQ post they clarified that “Sword of Descension” can be used on other platforms but the weapon’s passive “Desencion” will only work when playing on the Playstation platform. Sadly the glider “Wings of Desencion” will be changed to “Wings of First Flight” glider when you are playing on a non-PlayStation platform.

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